Genres of Literature

What is a genre'? (pronounced zhjon' ra)
A genre is a special kind or type of something, usually pertaining to something that is considered artistic, like music or art. Some examples of music genres are classical, hip hop, jazz, rap and country. Art genres might be modern, abstract, baroque or impressionist. Genre can also apply to different types of books and literature.

Humor genre

Funny, silly, or satirical stories which may feature an element of surprise or put two unlikely things together, for instance, a space alien auditioning for American Idol or a Frankenstein driving a Zamboni-
EXAMPLES: There';s a Boy in the Girl';s Bathroom, Sideways Stories from Wayside School

Romance genre
Stories of budding love/romance and the ups and downs of personal relationships, a.k.a. the mushy stuff'-
EXAMPLES: Romance Dawn, Flipped, Bingo Brown';s Guide to Romance, Kiss Me Tomorrow

Adventure genre
Characters are involved in some type of journey or quest, usually facing some risk or danger in the process;
typically exciting and full of action-
EXAMPLES: Hatchet, Treasure Island, Pendragon series, Far North, Ice Drift

Mystery genre
Solves a problem, which is frequently a crime; may have detective and criminal characters and are usually
suspenseful stories to the very end; also called whodunits'-
EXAMPLES: Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Horror genre
Scary, shocking, or frightening stories; often involves the supernatural; can involve bloodshed and gory
events; usually suspenseful to the very end-
EXAMPLES: Nightmare, Horror at the Haunted House, Killer';s Kiss, Attack of the Mutant

Fantasy genre
Very imaginative; features extraordinary things that couldn';t really happen; sometimes involves the
supernatural and often has characters like wizards, monsters, dragons, etc. Sometimes the latter is called
High Fantasy. Stories in which animals exhibit human characteristics are called Animal Fantasy.
EXAMPLES: Harry Potter series, Dragon Rider, Gossamer, The Hobbit, Doctor Illuminatus

Science Fiction genre
Takes place in the future; combines scientific knowledge with speculation; frequently has an outer space or
space travel theme; characters may be aliens, astronauts, time travelers, etc.
EXAMPLES: Alien Secrets, War of the Worlds, The Giver, City of Gold and Lead

Historical Fiction genre
Stories that are set in the past and are loosely based on true historical events or time periods; may combine
real historical figures with imaginary characters-
EXAMPLES: Gone with the Wind, The Ballad of Lucy Whipple, Adaline Falling Star, The Secret School

Realistic Fiction genre
Takes place in the present and the storyline reads like it could be true; often involves the theme of growing
up and/or facing problems-
EXAMPLES: Miracle';s Boys, Superfudge, Too Many Murphys, The Landry News

**Other Literature Genres include:

Westerns---a.k.a. cowboy "shoot 'em ups"
Short Stories---(author O. Henry, etc.)
Sports Stories---(especially take note of authors Rich Wallace, Mike Lupica and Matt Christopher)
Animal Stories---(Black Beauty, The Incredible Journey, etc.)
Folktales---Old stories that reflect the culture they're from---in 398.2
Fairy Tales---Old stories usually full of enchantment and fantasy---in 398.2
Fables---Old stories that teach and have a moral (see Aesop's Fables)
Tall Tales